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TFO gun sights use the same proven technology as our TFO archery pins. These sights are the most revolutionary innovation since TRUGLO, Inc. introduced fiber optics. TFO refers to our patented combination of Tritium and Fiber Optic technologies. The tritium maintains the brightness level of the sight in low light (or NO light) conditions. That means you can see your sight even in complete darkness—with perfect transition through all light conditions. Tritium does not need batteries and does not need to be charged with light—it simply glows!

Does not fit Glock 30S or 36 Models

All TruGlo sights come with an additional, shorter screw designated as the “Gen 4” screw. If the screw in your front sight does not tighten snugly within the slide, and without overt or excessive effort, please use the shorter screw for installation.


  • Brite-Site Handgun Series
  • The ultimate handgun sight
  • Uses our patented TFO technology
  • Unbelievable transition through all light conditions
  • Glows in the dark
  • Uses the brightest tritium available
  • CNC machined steel construction
  • Concealed fiber cannot be seen by target
  • Fits standard holsters
  • Snag-resistant design

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AR-15, G42/43, Glock 10mm/.45ACP + G31/G32 (Except G30S/G36), Glock 9mm/40S&W + G33 (Except G43), Kimber, S&W M&P, SField XD/XDM/XDS, Sig #6 Front/#8 Rea, Sig #8 Front / #8 Rear


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