Fiocchi 9EMB PSD 9mm 92GR EMB 50Box


BRAND:Fiocchi Ammunition


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Fiocchi’s EMB (Expansion Mono Block) 9mm round is useful when over-penetration is of great concern. The copper-alloy bullet in the 9EMB load delivers less penetration than standard jacketed lead core loads. The EMB features a lead free bullet and primer as reliable as standard primers. The engineered design of the EMB bullet expands quickly, aided by the increased muzzle velocity of 1325 fps (non +P). It delivers lots of energy on impact and due to the expansion characteristics of the bullet, it is more likely to not over-penetrate. When tested in bare calibrated ballistic gelatin, the 9mm EMB bullets will penetrate approximately 8″. With simulated clothing, the 9mm EMB shows gel penetration of approximately 6″. If these bullets completely penetrate the intended target, they are less likely to continue through structural walls or other barriers.

  • Category : Centerfire Handgun Rounds
  • Caliber : 9mm Luger
  • Bullet Type : Expansion Mono-Block
  • Bullet Weight : 92 GR
  • Muzzle Energy : 359 ft lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity : 1325 fps
  • Rounds Per Box : 50
  • Boxes Per Case : 10
  • Application : Performance/Protection
  • Casing Material : Brass
  • Rating : Non-Tox


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