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Combine Winchester components with 760 Springfield load ballistics to duplicate the 30-06. 760 offers ideal flow characteristics, which offer a benefit compared to other propellants with similar burn rates. 760 is recommended for 22-250, 300 Winchster Magnum, and 300 WSM. For 22-250. The grain form is flat. The grain form is flat.

760 8Lbs - Winchester Powder - Tactical World

To replicate 30-06 Springfield factory load ballistics, combine Winchester components with 760. 760 has excellent flow characteristics, giving it an advantage over other propellants with comparable burn rates. The 760 is recommended as an excellent choice for the 22-250 Remington 300 Winchester Magnum and the 300 WSM.

760 8Lb - Winchester Powder - Reloading Everything


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